Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to book Carole for a speaking engagement or media appearance.  Who do I contact?


You may click here for additional information or for faster response, you may inquire directly at CaroleBrodyFleet@gmail.com.  Please note that this information is for professional inquiries only. We regret that we cannot respond to any other emails.

I've written a book (or want to write a book).  Does Carole help other authors get published?


Carole will be introducing, "The Write Difference; Publishing, Marketing and Getting Your Book into the Media"; an exciting course for those who are currently writing, wish to write or have written a book.  Check back for more information.


Can I reprint an article by Carole or reprint an excerpt from one of her books?


All of Carole's writings are protected by copyright, including those contained on this website. Carole's articles appearing in other publications or on other websites are copyrighted by the respective publications and websites as will be set forth in their respective Terms of Use.  All of Carole's books are contractually owned and copyrighted by the respective publishers and Chicken Soup for the Soul is owned by its publisher.  If you are interested in reproducing any of Carole's articles or excerpts from any of the books, you must first secure permission to do so.  You may request permission by writing to CaroleBrodyFleet@gmail.com and specifying which article(s) (or book excerpts) you are interested in reprinting, the purpose for the reprint and your contact information. As is customary, you must also agree to attribute any reprints / reproduction accordingly; both to Carole Brody Fleet and to the publisher of the work.


NOTE:  Please scroll to the end of the page for additional and important legal information regarding reprints and reproduction of copyrighted work.**


Can I order the books through the Widows Wear Stilettos website?


All of Carole's books are owned by the respective publishers and Chicken Soup for the Soul is owned by its publisher.  For that reason, all of the books must be purchased either at a bookstore or an online book retailer (such as Amazon, Tower, Barnes & Noble, Target, WalMart, etc) or at a personal appearance where books are made available by the publishers for purchase. However, the CD can be purchased through the website on the "Home" page. 


Is the CD a book-on-audio?

No.  The CD is completely independent of the books. “Widows Wear Stilettos: What Now?” looks at grief from a completely different perspective.  Rather than simply talk about only grief, the CD does several different things:


** Examines the emotions of the widowed based on individual circumstances surrounding the loss (Hint: Not all widowhood is the same).

** Examines the feelings of guilt, anger, despair…and how to overcome them all.

** Takes a close look at how to handle the people – and their opinions - that surround you.

** Gives practical financial direction.

** Teaches how to grieve while helping children as well.

** Helps both the newer widowed as well as those who have been widowed for a longer period of time.

** Examines the difference between proative and reactive coping…and how you can take control of your life once and for all.


Can I get my CD autographed by Carole before it’s shipped?


Because of the need to protect the CD in the shipping process; our strict shipping and refund policies as well as the volume of orders received, CD’s cannot be autographed prior to shipping.  However, Carole does autograph CD’s that are either purchased at personal appearances and speaking engagements (when the purchaser can remove the overwrap) or have been previously purchased and are brought by the owner for an autograph. 


Do you ship the CD outside of the United States?


Due to rising costs that we do not wish to pass along to the community, we must unfortunately limit international shipments to Canada only. 

Order the

"Widows Wear Stilettos" What Now?" CD on the "Home" page


California residents: Sales tax (7.75% / $1.39) will be added at checkout

Shipping and handling fee of $3.95 will be added to all orders

regardless of volume ordered or total dollar amount.


Total cost for out-of-state purchasers (CD at regular price of $17.99, shipping and handling): $21.94

Total cost for residents of California (CD at regular price of $17.99, shipping and handling, sales tax at 7.75%):  $23.33


Orders will be shipped within seven to ten business days (7-10) days

after payment has completed processing. 

Shipping is via USPS First Class Mail


Returns for refund of the CD purchase price gladly accepted on FACTORY OVERWRAPPED / UNOPENED merchandise returned

within forty-five (45) days of receipt. 

Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable

Please allow at least two (2) billing periods on returns

Following are select testimonials about the  "Widows Wear Stilettos: What Now?" CD:


“This CD is a ‘must’ for anyone going through losing their husband”.                            

Sherry O., Tyler, Texas


“I listen to Widows Wear Stilettos every day in my car. It makes me smile and feel better about my life”.

 Katie M., Memphis, Tennessee 


I just wish that this CD was out two years ago when my husband died.   I’ve learned so much that I wish I knew back then.”

Brenda B., Honolulu, Hawaii


“Carole, I felt like you were talking straight to me.  I used to feel like I was all by myself and now I know I’m not. I feel so much better after listening to you.  I have some hope in my life now and I’m not as afraid.”

Courtney S., Smyrna, Georgia


“I purchased Carole's CD and I highly recommend it to everyone.  Carole, you did open my eyes on several issues. Thank you for the honesty to not coddle. To help widows through the pain and have them see that they are here! I was one of the "stuck" widows and I have listened to your CD 6 times! Thank you!        

Lynn D.,  Lancaster, New York


“When I got my CD, I also won one of the free coaching sessions with Carole.  It was the first time I’ve laughed out loud in months.  You have taught me so much.

Lisa H., Auburn, Washington


The CD feels like I have you in my living room every day giving me advice that I can actually use.”  

Barbara M., Clearwater, Florida


“I love the website and I’ve been a member since it began…but I love the CD even more.”

Tracy G., Norman, Oklahoma


“For the first time, I actually felt like someone understands how I’m feeling – but you also helped me figure out that I’m normal too.  That made me feel so much better”.

Dorian W., Missoula, Montana


“The only thing that would be better than the CD is seeing you in person.”

Carlene E., Worcester, Massachusetts


“Everyone keeps telling me how strong I am, but I never believed them.  When you said it on your CD, I believed it.”

Maryann T., Lafayette, Louisiana


“I wish I could make every single widow get this CD because it’s been a godsend for me.”

 Robin C., Orem, Utah


Join these and the thousands of other WWS members who made the choice to get help on their healing journeys.  Order your “Widows Wear Stilettos…What Now?” CD and let your healing begin – or continue.  You’ll be so glad you did!




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