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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to book Carole for a speaking engagement or media appearance.  Who do I contact?


You may click here for additional information or for faster response, you may inquire directly at  Please note that this information is for professional inquiries only. We regret that we cannot respond to any other emails.

Can I reprint an article by Carole or reprint an excerpt from one of her books?


All of Carole's writings are protected by copyright, including those contained on this website. Carole's articles appearing in other publications or on other websites are copyrighted by the respective publications and websites as will be set forth in their respective Terms of Use.  All of Carole's books are contractually owned and copyrighted by the respective third-party publishers and Chicken Soup for the Soul is owned by its publisher.  If you are interested in reproducing any of Carole's articles or excerpts from any of the books, you must first secure permission to do so.  You may request permission by writing to and specifying which article(s) (or book excerpts) you are interested in reprinting, the purpose for the reprint and your contact information. As is customary, you must also agree to attribute any reprints / reproduction accordingly; both to Carole Brody Fleet and to the publisher of the work.


NOTE:  Please scroll to the end of the page for additional and important legal information regarding reprints and reproduction of copyrighted work.**

I'm seeing two different copies of "Widows Wear Stilettos" online. Are they the same book?  

Due to the popularity of "Widows Wear Stilettos..." , the book was released into second edition. Featuring original content, updates and new chapters, the second edition released in August, 2021 and features a gray and red cover. Check the home page for all of the exciting details.  To order the book, click here.


Can I order the books directly through the Widows Wear Stilettos website?


All of Carole's books are owned by third-party publishing houses and Chicken Soup for the Soul is owned by its publisher.  For that reason, all of the books must be purchased either at a bookstore or an online book retailer (such as Amazon, Tower, Barnes & Noble, Target, WalMart, etc.) or at a personal appearance where books are made available by the publishers for purchase. 


NOTE:  Pursuant to 17 U.S. Code § 102, all writings (both in-print and on the respective websites) are protected by copyright. Inquiries for permission to reproduce writings with appropriate attribution may be submitted here with the heading, "Permission Request" in the subject line.  Any reproduction in any form of any writings authored by Carole Brody Fleet and/or under the auspices of Carole Brody Fleet and/or Widows Wear Stilettos without expressed written consent, is strictly prohibited.

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